The prostate gland cancer

image69[1] The prostate gland cancer is a formation that is often found in male bodies above 60. Sometimes it takes young men. Statistics show that the prostate cancer is one of the most popular diseases among men.

It’s mainly associated with hormonal changes. That’s why we call it a hormone-depending tumor. That means that the tumor growth is caused by testosterone. That’s why, as some people say, the prostate cancer depends on testosterone level in some way. The higher this level is – the higher disease probability will be.

The oncologic diseases chart of the world shows that the prostate cancer takes the 2nd — 3rd place (in Britain, for instance). And in the USA it has almost got the honorable 1st place. But due to the new diagnostic methods that were brought into medicine recently, such as CT, MRI, Ultrasound and markers, the prostate cancer is much easier to find at the early stage. As a result the number of death cases decreased. In past men complained different problems: tiredness, bone pain, pee problems… But these signs are talking about the last cancer stages and metastases. Today we can diagnose the prostate cancer easily, with no problems and at its first stage, when the problem is almost invisible. It’s easily curable. All you need is to see a doctor once a year.

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