The prostate cancer

image65[1] The prostate cancer is a malignant formation coming from epithelium tissue that is a cancerous cell boost within the healthy cells followed by innidiation.

The prostate cancer or the so called ‘adenocarcinoma’ evolves from the prostate gland cells that produce semen.

The prostate cancer is supposed to be the most popular kind of cancer found in male bodies. We can’t tell why and what is the reason of this disease. It depends on many factors such as age, hormonal changes, way of life, wrong meal etc.

It’s not easy to notice it at its early stage because at the beginning the disease evolves without any symptoms. But it’s really important to find this cancer just at the early stage because the very 1st and 2nd stages are well curable and in 90% completely recoverable. Speaking about stages 3 and 4 the prostate cancer is cured not so well and sometimes the result is really poor.

The prostate cancer is a real challenge for men physiologically and psychologically. That’s why to avoid the poor forecasts you should see the doctor every year after you are 40. This type of cancer pursues men of middle and old age mostly.

You should know that the prostate cancer is not a death warrant. It’s only a barrier that is to be overcome.

In my book you will learn how I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Why I refused a prostate biopsy. How I was able to confirm my disease without harsh invasive procedures.  In my book I will explain to you my very own healing regiment that I believe helped me take control of my disease.