The prostate cancer statistics prostate cancer statistics is implacable. It brought this disease to the second place of the top oncologic male diseases. It shows that the prostate cancer takes lives of 10% cancer-involved men and it’s one of the main reasons why old men die.

The statistics show that about 20 million senior men in Russia need an examination suspecting the tumor that is confirmed in 80% cases. Especially it’s fair to men above 65. 20-30 year old men meet the problem only in 6-8% cases.

These numbers tell us that every year about 100 thousand people in Europe and 220 thousands in the USA get this cancer.

According to this data every 3 minutes there is a new cancer-sick man registered in the world.

All you can do is try to live a healthy life and see the doctor every year. And it’s quite necessary after you are 40.

In my book you will learn how I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Why I refused a prostate biopsy. How I was able to confirm my disease without harsh invasive procedures.  In my book I will explain to you my very own healing regiment that I believe helped me take control of my disease.