Stages of the prostate cancer

image18[1] Depending on the current stage of the disease the further story is defined. So, what cancer stages do the doctors distinguish?

Firstly, the prostate cancer is classified by the Jewitt-Whitemore system and it has four stages: A, B, C, D.

The A and B stages are considered to be curable and the further events lead to a happy ending because at these stages the cancer is still located within the prostate.

The C and D stages are also curable but the effect is not very favorable.

Cancer can also be classified using the TNM international system. Using this system allows to characterize the tumor growth and spread, the nature of lymph nodes and metastasis presence.

The international system of TNM classifies the prostate cancer in the following order:

T – primary tumor (here is described the main cancer field size)

N – lymph nodes (here is described whether the cancer covers the lymph nodes)

M – metastases (the remote innidiation is defined)

Generalizing we can define the following cancer stages:

Stage 1 – The tumor is inside the prostate

Stage 2 – The tumor is growing inside the prostate

Stage 3 – The tumors is slightly beyond the prostate

Stage 4 – Metastasis presence that means that the tumor is out of the prostate and covers the liver, bones, lymph nodes…

It’s important to examine in time and to define the cancer stage. Only having a definite diagnosis you will get the proper treatment and the further events forecast.

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