Reasons of prostate cancer

image14[1] Let’s see why does prostate cancer tries to take place in lives of older men.

So, the reasons are the following:

- age changes

- hormonal changes

- bad ecology

- wrong meal (lots of fat, little of vegetables, vitamin E, cellulose etc.)

- chronic intoxication with cadmium (producing of rubber, welding, typographic etc.)

- genetic predisposition (in other words – bad heredity)

- the present progressing prostate adenoma,

Another reason that can call prostate is the role of hormone called androgen. But we can’t say that if one has a high testosterone level he gets cancer for sure. It depends on the whole organism, on the way of life, on the worldview…

When you know the reasons of prostate cancer you can try to avoid the aspects that increase the risk of the disease.

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