Prostate cancer symptoms

image[1] Forewarned is forearmed. It’s so true because when you obtain the information that can prevent a tragedy you’re a half-winner. That’s why you should know the prostate cancer symptoms.

The prostate cancer is a very mean disease and it’s almost invisible at the first stage and the direct prostate cancer symptoms reveal only when the disease has gone too far. So what should make you worry and go to see the doctor?

First of all the symptoms concerning the flow of urine: incontinence or on the other hand difficulties when trying to pee, often urinal visits, the feeling of incomplete emptying, discrete and weak flow, pain. Secondly: the prostate cancer symptoms that alert the growth of the tumor and its spread. For example: pain in crotch or anus, pain above your pubis, blood in urine and semen and erection disorder.

Third: the prostate cancer symptoms, signaling the prostate cancer metastasis. It’s the sign of deep disease neglect. For example: you can meet hard urinary retention, pain in bones and swelling of the limbs, sometimes even to the paralysis, weight loss, weakness, quick tiredness, appetite loss, anemia.

The rare symptoms may be smaller semen amount, low erection and impotence.

If you meet some of the symptoms, don’t hesitate and run to see the doctor. Every second may save the situation or allay your fears.

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