Prostate cancer surgery

image33[1] The prostate cancer surgery is only possible at the early stage of the prostate gland cancer with narrow localization. Surgery is used only at the first two stages if there are no metastases. But in some cases surgery can be assigned at the 3rd and 4th stages.

There are 2 types of surgery for the prostate cancer:

The first one is an open surgery (a doctor makes a cut and removes the prostate gland through it). The second one is loperascopic radical prostatectomy, when several small cuts are made and the instruments are put through them to remove the prostate gland.

The prostate cancer surgery or the radical prostatectomy is the removal of the prostate together with the seminal vesicles. After the surgery doctor can study the result of a pathological analysis of the removed tissue and measure the patient’s survival chances.

If a surgery was successful, it practically guarantees the recovery without visible consequences to a man’s health.

Prostate cancer surgery is supposed to be the most effective way to fight the disease and it has the best results comparing to the other types of treatment. But according to the statistics only 10% of prostate cancer can be cured this way. That’s why it’s very important to see the specialist in time. The earlier you do it the higher chances to recover you have.

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