Prostate cancer signs

image10[1] At the beginning the prostate cancer is asymptomatic and that’s why it’s very important to know the first signs of the prostate cancer. Only a doctor can diagnose and make a precise conclusion but we’ll show you the most widespread signs and hope you go for help in time. So the true prostate gland cancer sign is urethral dysfunction (weak flow, often toilet visits, feeling of nausea at night, painful peeing, feeling of incomplete emptying). The further signs of the prostate cancer warn about the tumor growth and its spread out of the prostate. These are: crotch or pubis pain, pain in loin, legs, sacrum, red water and semen and the erection disorder.

Next are the signs signalizing the metastasis formation: great urine delay, weight loss, weakness, amnesia, quick tiredness, bones pain, swelling of the limbs and loss of appetite.

If you notice some of these signs, go to see the doctor now! Only a specialist can tell you what it can be.

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