Prostate cancer radiation therapy

 image54[1]The prostate cancer radiation therapy is the kind of treatment where the prostate gland and the nearby lymph nodes are radiated.

The prostate cancer radiation therapy can be applied to both local and narrow-spread forms of the disease. This kind of therapy is also used to bone metastases.

When the prostate cancer is located within the prostate gland (local stage) the radiation therapy may be radical, i.e. may bring the complete recovery. When the cancer has reached the spread forms or there are metastases, radiation will have palliative meaning. It won’t fix it, but will improve the patient’s state. He will feel better and live a longer life.

The prostate cancer radiation therapy has different forms. For instance: it can be remote (when there is a local cancer and locally advanced cancer, used together with hormone therapy), photon, corpuscular, brachytherapy (interstitial, when the radioactive elements in form of “seed” are injected into the prostate gland under anesthesia) and combined. The radiation therapy can be done outpatient.

Also the prostate cancer radiation therapy can become the alternative to the radical prostatectomy at the early stages of the disease when the patient refuses the surgery or it is impossible due to other disorders.

There are some contraindications about the radiation therapy. For example: the serious condition of a patient, cancer cachexy, chronic renal failure, azotemia etc.

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