Prostate cancer prognosis

image42[1] Prostate cancer prognosis depends on the disease stage, on the differentiation level of the tumor process and its morphology. The earlier you start the treatment, the better cancer forecasts will be.

Besides the prostate cancer stage, there are some other factors that affect the prostate cancer prognosis: patient’s age, the way of life, other diseases, quality and conformity of the therapy and care for patient.

At the early stages (1 and 2) if the treatment is good, the prostate cancer forecast will be good without a doubt. Your functionality will recover and the disease will go away.

At stages 3 and 4 the disease is hard to fight and the forecast may be not so good. The 4th stage therapy is mostly oriented to improve the patient’s condition and to extend his lifetime.

You should consider that the in-time intervention made at the early stage will guarantee 10-15 year lifetime. When the prostate cancer of the 1st or the 2nd stages is cured, the survivals count about 85% patients. Stage 3 – 50%, stage 4 – 20%.

But mostly the prostate cancer forecasts are good. All you need is to see the doctor in time.

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