Prostate cancer prevention

image89[1] Why do some men suffer from the prostate cancer and others don’t? There is no clear answer to this question. It depends on lots of reasons that are interconnected. They are hormonal changes, age, ecology, wrong meal, hereditary factor (if there are others in your family suffering from the disease) and so on.

We can summarize that many of us, if not the most, are in zone of risk. So what can we do to prevent this cancer and what should we remember?

To prevent the prostate cancer you need to live a healthy life, eat the right food and if you are above 40 you need to pass the rectal examination regularly. In some suspicious cases you’d better pass the ultrasound examination of small pelvis organs. If you stick to these rules and see the doctor in time it will help you to find the disease at its early stage, choose the correct therapy and bring back your health. This is all you need to prevent complications.

Using these prophylaxis methods has led to easy definition of the prostate cancer and total recovery in 80% cases. Death cases reduced 3 times.

The prostate cancer prophylaxis is just doing body examinations every year when you are 40-45 years old. Especially if someone of your family has ever had this cancer or you are in zone of risk.

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