Prostate cancer metastases

image38[1] Prostate cancer metastasis is the tumor spread outside the prostate gland. It happens as a result of tumor cells traveling by lymph and blood. Prostate cancer metastases often attack bones, liver or lymph nodes. X-ray examinations are used to reveal the remote metastases.

At the early stages of the prostate cancer (stages 1 and 2) when the tumor is located within the prostate, it’s impossible to see the metastases. When cancer progresses (stages 3 and 4) metastases can be seen in pelvic and abdominal lymph nodes on the way of abdominal aorta. Prostate cancer metastases can attack bone tissue and are found in hips, spine, pelvis and ribs. It’s important to mark that prostate cancer metastases found in bones don’t mean the bone tissue cancer. It means that the patient has got the prostate cancer with metastases in bone. Besides, prostate cancer metastases can be found in soft tissue such as liver and lungs.

The prostate cancer metastases therapy includes the maximum androgen blockade, containing the antiandrogen therapy with medical or surgical castration. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can also be assigned.

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