Prostate cancer diagnostics

image22[1] Before you are assigned the treatment the doctor must explore your anamnesis, listen to your complaints, examine you, study the features of your life and all the facts needed to make the whole picture of the supposed disorder. And you’ll also need the prostate cancer diagnostics.

It has three stages:

The first stage in the prostate cancer diagnostics is the finger examination of a prostate (rectal finger exploration).

The second stage is the in-blood PSA level (prostate-specific antigen) definition.

Stage 3 is the prostate cancer examination – transrectal ultrasound prostate examination (transrectal echography) and the prostate biopsy.

When there’s a suspicion of the prostate gland cancer – the prostate cancer diagnostics is very important and necessary because the used methods help to define the cancer at its early stage and prescribe the correct treatment bringing the cure and health.

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