Hormone therapy for the prostate cancer

 image60[1]The prostate cancer hormone therapy includes three stages:

The first stage of the therapy is using the analogue of female hormones (estrogen). They are used to reduce the androgen level in blood.

Hormone therapy: stage 2. This stage aims to lower the amount of sexual hormones production by affecting the adrenals.

And the last, third stage is the hypothalamus-adenohypophysis system impact.

The hormone therapy is usually used when the prostate cancer of stage 3 or 4 is found. It’s supposed to be the most perspective treatment, especially when the cancer cells are out of the gland and/or when there are metastases found.

When there is the process spreading out of the gland found in a patient’s body, the radical prostatectomy is possible. When the patient gets metastases, the main goal is to avoid the male hormones (androgen) impact. These hormones stimulate the growth and population of the prostate epithelium cells.

The prostate cancer hormone therapy can be combined.

The advantage of the combined therapy was confirmed by different research labs. Remember that this type of hormone therapy leads to lifetime extension in both cases of local and spread forms of the disease.

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