Cancer treatment

image27[1] If a man has a tumor diagnosed, doctor starts making a cancer treatment program individually. It depends on a patient’s age, cancer stage and metastasis presence. There are medical, surgical and radiation treatments of the prostate cancer.

The medical treatment or the hormonal therapy may include the estrogen therapy, which is a female sex hormone. It’s used at the stages 3 and 4.

The prostate cancer surgery treatment or the radical prostatectomy is used at the 1st and 2nd stages without metastasis. It’s commonly used together with the remote radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy of the prostate cancer is radiation of a prostate and the nearby lymph nodes. Doctors often use brachytherapy, corpuscular, photonic or interstitial radiation therapy. The radiation therapy may have both radical and palliative effect on the prostate gland. It means that it doesn’t cure, but makes the patient to feel better, eases and exnends his life.

When dealing with the prostate cancer with early metastasis they can use chemotherapy.

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