After the prostate cancer surgery

image50[1]After the prostate cancer surgery the patient needs close monitoring. A doctor can measure the recovery chances studying the pathology analysis of the removed tissue.

After the surgery the patient must walk, eat. But all this must be done only under doctor’s control. If you pass the laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, you will get an advantage of a cosmetic effect: you’ll get some scars that will soon disappear.

If the surgical involving succeeded, the patient may leave the hospital much earlier (on the 7-8th day). A successful radical prostatectomy may guarantee practically total recovery without visible circumstances for a man’s health.

Remember that after the prostate cancer surgery there is a probability to get urinary incontinence. To remove this problem the patient has to do special gymnastics and electric stimulation to strengthen the pelvic muscles. In some days the symptoms of incontinence should go away.

After the surgery it is recommended to do the control examination.

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