The information that I’ve compiled about prostate cancer and how I overcame this deadly disease is my story. If sharing my knowledge will save even one life, then my mission is accomplished.

Today there is a lot of different information about prostate cancer.

Most doctors will recommend the following three treatments. These treatments are referred to as the standard triad: to cut your body with surgery, to burn your body with radiation, or to poison your body with chemotherapy.

Some time ago I too was facing the same dilemma, what to do? The standard treatments were not sitting right in my mind. I felt there were too many side affects from those procedures. After spending countless hours, weeks and then months looking for the right information, I found what has worked for me to overcome cancer, without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. I saved my body and my life; I believe in “do no harm” to you. There are numerous different nontoxic, natural remedies for curing cancer. Most doctors will not discuss them or recommend them to you. Treating cancer is a huge industry. Sad as it sounds, but this is the truth.

I healed myself without the traditional treatments. I did it my way. It wasn’t easy. I believe, if one person can do it, than it can be done by others. That’s why I created my website and wrote my book.

If you or your loved one has cancer, this is not the end, there is hope. I want to inspire you to believe in yourself, do not lose faith. I want you to ask for help from your friends, family and people who love you. Any and all information can be very helpful. Together with your deep believe in your healing and God’s divined healing power and positive healing energy you will overcome any disease.