My name is Walter Borysenko. I’m 66 years young, and I am a prostate cancer survivor. I didn’t consent to traditional methods, because I was scared by traditional medicine, you heard me right, scared! Too many people that I knew became a grave statistic… People die from cancer;   I wasn’t ready to leave everything behind.

Allow me to give you a little more information about myself; I was born in Waldenburg Germany in November 1944, at the tail end of WWII. My parents ended up in Germany as part of the labor force from Ukraine, they were relocated by force. I grew up in D.P. (Displaced Persons) Camps in various locations throughout Germany till I was nine.

In June 1954 we came to United States and I’m very happy my Dad made the right choice by choosing U.S. instead of other countries that were on the list to where we could immigrate.

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I lived in Philadelphia more than thirty-five years, I consider it my home. I grew up in Philadelphia, went to school there until I enlisted in to the service.

I’ve spent 4 years (1962-66) in the United States Air Force,  it thought me to be  a Fighter, Survivor … I have always been up to a challenge and entrepreneurial by nature. I do what I have to do, when I have to do it…

Today I have a beautiful wife, three wonderful grown children, two exceptional grandchildren, and now I live in Florida in a house on the water. Life is good…

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This is how my book got its beginning, eighteen months ago. I started searching for an alternative to the medical triad…I didn’t want to die. I wanted to live…

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