Dear Reader

I know how overwhelming   it feels hearing from your doctor that you have prostate cancer (or any cancer).

I know this feeling. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in April 2009. My PSA at that time was 356.6 !

My doctor said that if a man’s PSA is more than 100, then he usually has metastasis all over his body. It also means that the cancer is very aggressive. You can imagine, my friend, what was going through my mind.

To make a long story short, I want to tell you that, I listened to my doctors’ opinions, I analyzed them. and then I did everything my way . I did not do any invasive procedures (biopsy) to my prostate (I strongly believe that they spread cancer). I did not do radiation or chemotherapy because they would weaken my immune system and make my chances of survival slim. I strongly believe that cancer starts at the cellular level. That’s where I started to cure my disease.

Eighteen months later, my PSA is 2.0 and no screening procedure showed cancer. I feel great, I look great, and I am full of energy and vitality.

My message to you, my friend, is: if you are diagnosed with cancer, do not rush into any diagnostic procedures or treatments  until you’re absolutely certain that they are essential to your wellbeing. Reevaluate your situation, talk to the people who were in similar situations, get a second or third opinion. Be confident that you do not harm your health and your one life.

If you want to know more about how I healed myself from this deadly disease, (prostate cancer), you are welcome to read my story in my book.